Special Projects

Courtesy of: The Music Center, L.A.’s Performing Arts Center
Photo by: Mario DeLopez

As a responsive grantmaker, we are able to observe developments and trends within the nonprofit sector. We think that it is also important for us to work to strengthen the sector as a whole to bolster its efficiency and effectiveness. Through focused grant funds, what we refer to as Special Projects, we support efforts that seek to build the capacity of organizations, their leaders, and the nonprofit sector as a whole.

These projects express our value of fostering coordination and collaboration across the sector. Our active Special Projects include:

The Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative (NSI)

The Parsons Foundation partnered with the California Community and Weingart foundations to establish the Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative (NSI), a pooled fund designed to help nonprofits think seriously about collaboration.

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The Center for Strategic Public-Private Partnerships (CSPPP)

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors approved the establishment of the Center for Strategic Public-Private Partnerships (CSPPP), affirming the importance of cooperation and partnership between philanthropy and County agencies engaged with children and families.

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Nonprofit Leadership Development

The Parsons Foundation provides leadership training opportunities for local nonprofit executives, with the intention of providing professional development to promising leaders whose organizations might not otherwise have the budget to enable their participation.

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We will periodically provide updates on each of these Special Projects and reflect on what we are learning.

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