Funding Priorities

Courtesy of: Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association

We are a responsive grantmaker.

As a responsive grantmaker, we invite organizations serving Los Angeles County to come to us for what they need to do their best work. More than half of our grantmaking is for general support; organizations also come to us for funds to renovate or purchase buildings and equipment, specific programs, and staff positions. For capital requests, we generally prefer that organizations approach the Foundation near the end of a campaign. Funding is prioritized across four program areas:

Civic & Cultural

Grantmaking in this area values enriching cultural experiences and active civic engagement as essential ingredients for a healthy society. We support organizations and institutions that contribute to Los Angeles’ cultural and civic vibrancy, including performing arts organizations, museums, botanical gardens, arts education programs, and those that promote civic engagement and leadership.


Our Education grantmaking underscores the importance of access to quality learning opportunities for all, with a special focus on underserved populations. Our grantees reflect the full continuum of learning from “cradle to career,” and include organizations that support early care and education, K-12 education, charter schools, academic enrichment, college access and persistence, higher education, and vocational training.


The Foundation’s work in this area is rooted in our belief that all the residents of Los Angeles County need access to essential health services that offer a greater quality of life. We invest in organizations that promote health and well-being among vulnerable populations, placing an emphasis on community clinics, mental health providers, prevention services, emergency and trauma centers, and improvements to health care facilities.

Human Services

Our work in Human Services reflects our commitment to improving the lives of Los Angeles’ most vulnerable community members, including low-income children, families, foster youth, seniors, the working poor, and homeless populations. We fund a broad range of services and programs, including child welfare, youth development, supportive services, and basic needs.

The Foundation prioritizes organizations providing direct service. Our grants include funding for general operating support, capital projects, and programs.

Due to funding constraints and with rare exceptions, we are not able to fund requests for the following:

  • fundraising events, dinners, and mass mailings
  • organizations outside of Los Angeles County
  • direct aid to individuals, including scholarship support
  • conferences, seminars, and workshops
  • sectarian, religious, or fraternal purposes
  • federated fundraising appeals
  • support for political elections, candidates, campaigns, or legislation
  • for-profit organizations or businesses
  • animal welfare
  • environmental issues or causes
  • documentary filmmaking or television programming
  • scientific and/or medical research
  • organizations focused on specific diseases (e.g., diabetes, heart disease)
  • grassroots advocacy, organizing, or policy
  • summer camps
  • endowments

We’re a responsive grant maker, helping LA County organizations do their best work.