Arts & Culture

Creativity is one of LA County’s greatest assets. Enriching the vibrancy of our civic life, arts and cultural organizations contribute to the health and well-being of our entire community and offer opportunities for inspiration, discovery, learning, and connection. The LA Arts Recovery Fund and LA County Arts Education Collective reflect the Foundation’s commitment to cross-sector partnerships in the arts.

LA Arts Recovery Fund

Launched in 2020 during the global pandemic, the LA Arts Recovery Fund supports nonprofit arts and cultural organizations in LA County as they rebuild and reimagine a new path forward, providing multi-year general operating support grants and capacity building resources to assist with long-term recovery. Established with leadership investments and coordination from the California Community, Getty, and Parsons foundations, and the LA County Department of Arts and Culture, the Fund is an unprecedented collaboration between local and national funders and is the largest-ever pooled private investment for arts across LA County. The time-limited Fund helps sustain community organizations, promote economic recovery, restore community health and well-being, and reaffirm the centrality of the arts in LA. The Fund is supporting a broad range of small to mid-sized arts organizations that span visual arts, dance, music, theater, storytelling, and more. Learn more.

Creativity is one of our region’s greatest assets.


LA County Arts Education Collective

Established in 2002 by the LA County Board of Supervisors, the Arts Ed Collective is a regional public-private initiative focused on ensuring that the arts are a meaningful part of every young person’s growth and development. Coordinated by the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture and comprised of cross-sector stakeholders (including Parsons, alongside government, educators, arts nonprofits, teaching artists, philanthropic peers, business leaders, and community members), the Arts Ed Collective has emerged as a national model of collective impact in advancing arts education.

Initially tasked with ensuring comprehensive, sequential arts instruction for all public K-12 students in LA County, the Arts Ed Collective has made significant progress and today serves more than 70 of the County’s 81 school districts and 5 charter school networks. In 2020, building on the Arts Ed Collective’s accomplishments and progress, the Board of Supervisors approved the County’s New Regional Blueprint for Arts Education, which presents an expanded approach to offer arts instruction for youth, both in school and in the community.
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